Perform Perfect Pathology with caMicroscope

caMicroscope is truly free, scalable web-based biomedical image and data viewer, with strong emphasis for applications in cancer pathology.

A perfect tool, for your Digital Pathology.

caMicroscope is a tool to view, annotate, and analyze biomedical images. It is simple, easy-to-use free and fully open source. Use caMicroscope to upload, mark, annotate and perform advanced scientific operations on the biomedical slides.

With caMicroscope one can...
- Manage Layers
- Download and Upload Slides
- Mark slides as reviewed
- View side-by-side
- Supports variety of file formats such as .tiff, .svs, etc
- Submit Bug Report

Annotate the slides. View, name and add notes about the annotation set.

Can select, save annotations and set the panel to original state.


Draw thin lines, thick lines, or polygons on the image.

This helps to clearly show the markings in the slide for analysis.


This tool helps to learn the measurements in micrometers on the slide.

Also for flexibility, the magnifier tool is also provided.


Can Draw circle or a rectangle around a tumor region.

Lets one to label the slides, download labels and also submit a bug report.


Using deep learning technology, results from a pre-trained tensorflow compatible model can be shown on a ROI of the slide..


Display, count, and export nuclear segmentations on the image.

Useful to introspect the segmentations of the tumor.

Share View

Share the presentation view via URL that can provide capability for multiple users to view the annotations, labellings in real time with the help of Shared View Feature..


A simple walkthrough tutorial of all the functionalities of the application is also provided for seamless user experience.

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caMicrosope is open source software. Any help, questions, and suggestions help not only you, but the entire caMicroscope community. Get involved into development of the software by contributing your code to any of the repositories of caMicroscope organization. Join and interract with our active community on Slack, Google Groups and Github.